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Dance parties and Concerts

With a dancefloor for at least three couples, freely available to all present (that’s a minimun 9m²). Swing Jazz is on the program and it goes on in the Ghent region.


With interesting content for swing dancers. Dance, music culture, body training, hairstyling, clothing… And it goes on in the Ghent region.

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October 2020

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  • Re.Bounce

Sunday 1 November 2020
  • Re.Bounce
    Sunday 1 November 2020, 16:00 - 18:00 @ Danspunt, Sint-Salvatorstraat 18a, 9000 Gent, Belgium

    Let’s dance, let’s social dance!
    After some Covid-19 hecticity, we’re able to present to you some Re.Bounce on the dance floor. A dance experience with badass live or Dj swing music, a wooden dance floor and fellow dancers. Back to having fun on the dance floor outside of the class context!
    For the first edition, we welcome Jake Walker and DJ.
    ReBounce is a concept by LouisLou and Crazy Legs, supported by De Ingang and SwingPatterns.

    ** DATA **
    --> Saturday 17/10 with live music and DJ
    Group 1: 19h30 - 21h30
    Group 2: 22h - 0h
    --> Sunday 1/11 with DJ
    Group 1: 16h - 18h

    ** TICKETS **
    A ticket costs €5 for a DJ edition and €15 for a one with live music, with the option to donate more to support the concept and the artists.
    Get your tickets here:

    ** HOW DOES IT WORK? **
    ** We provide 25 dance zones in the Danspunt ballroom. Each dance zone is 10m² plus space for circulation, so that the distance to the other dancers can be guaranteed.
    ** Per zone there is a spot for 2 dancers from the same ‘bubble' or close contacts.
    ** You register with a fix dance partner with whom you can dance solo or in couple. We ask for 1 registration per duo or couple.
    ** If you have more dancers in your ‘bubble’ or close contacts, we can connect 1 or 2 adjacent dance zones. This way you can change dance partners within three zones with a maximum of six people.
    → Upon entering the venue, you let us know if you want to connect with 1 or 2 other dance zones so we can assign you correctly.
    ** Wear a mask for any movement in the building. for e.g. arriving and leaving, sanitary use, taking fresh air outside, discuss something with a member of staff, ... Once in your dance zone, you are allowed to take off masks.
    ** When you register, you provide your personal details. This information will be kept for a maximum of 14 days and will only be used in case contact tracing is necessary.
    ** You will notify us if you test COVID positive and have been present at our activity up to a week before!
    ** Every participant is obliged to comply with the hygiene measures. Failure to comply with these measures may result in exclusion from the activity. We are counting and trusting on everyone's cooperation to ensure that this event takes place in a pleasant and safe manner. A staff member will always be present as a point of contact in case of questions or ambiguities.
    ** The classic hygiene measures are:
    - You stay at home if you feel sick or have a cold.
    - You will at all times keep your distance from the other people present who do not belong to your close contact circle.
    - Respect the instructions for walking direction.
    - Wash your hands before and after the activity.
    - Avoid touching surfaces unnecessarily (door handles, table, chair,...).
    - Coughing and sneezing should be done in your elbow, or in a paper handkerchief, which you should immediately throw away in a closed dustbin.
    - You will notify us if you test COVID positive and have been present at our activity in the previous week!

    So look for a dance partner from your ‘bubble’ or close contacts and register together. By registering you agree with ‘how does it work’, ‘safe space policy’ and our ‘terms and conditions’.